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An Opinion on Hall Monitors

Zoey Lynn

Features Editor

A hall monitors job is in the job title; to monitor the halls. They are tasked with keeping students from skipping classes or doing things that would otherwise threaten the school’s integrity. However, some monitors are focused on the wrong things during passing periods and class time. Although monitors do attempt to take care of the major issues, such as students wandering the halls for an entire class period, or students walking off school grounds and not returning, there are some so-called “problems” that could stand to be overlooked.

It is not uncommon for students to date in high school, and along with dating comes the very innocent act of holding hands. Students have found just holding hands grabs the attention of hall monitors. It is understandable to be against couples making out or standing in the middle of the hallway blocking the flow of traffic, but walking to class and holding hands should not be that big of a deal. Monitors oftentimes miss the students hiding out under the stairwell or in the bathrooms, because they are so focused on calling out the students who are “out in the open.”

When a student is walking to the office or the restroom during a class period, they are regularly met with a hall monitor aggressively explaining that cameras all over the school catch their every move, so they shouldn’t try anything bad. In reality, most students are really just trying to use the restroom and go back to class. It is understandable that the job of a hall monitor is to keep students out of the halls and in class, but being met with someone telling us we can’t use the restroom because we aren’t carrying a hall pass seems a bit overkill. Some teachers do not make it a requirement to carry a pass to the restroom and just let the students go, so hall passes are not something all students carry with them.

If a student needs to go to a certain section of the school, say Goldie or to the athletics wing, monitors jump on the fact that this is “out of the way” and don’t allow the student to go where they need to go. However, these are completely reasonable places for a student to go if asked by a teacher or if going to get something they need to successfully get through the rest of the day.

Hall monitors are not wrong for keeping students in class or breaking up couples that stand around kissing for a solid five minutes, however, certain things are blown out of proportion. Monitors can overstep their boundaries and make the day harder for students. Not all students are trying to cut class, nor should they be treated like they are only at school to do wrong.

The truth of the matter is that it seems hall monitors go looking for students to bust and try to pick out the smallest things to call teenagers out on. The more understanding the monitors are, the more understanding and cooperative the students will be in the end.

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