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ALWAYS. GRINDING. Powerlifting crushes first two competitions, lifters poised for State meet

Reilly Rodgers

Seguin’s powerlifting team has gone to two competitions and placed second and first respectively. Lifters have gotten up early every morning to practice and even got through Hell Week together. They also have multiple lifters poised to make the state competition after their next and final meet.

Junior Josiah Luna is one of the team’s strongest and most experienced members. Being in his third year of powerlifting, he’s become very dedicated and committed to the team and is projected to compete at the state level.

“[I love that] you get to grind every morning and you get to see your totals compared to when you first started,” Luna said. “I’m glad they’re there, and they all have my back. This is our second meet, and we have three total. We’ve done great, the boys have won back to back, we are going to win for the first time as an overall team. [Personally] I’ve done great, I need 150 pounds to get to state. [Also] the coaches are great, they really know what they’re doing and they care about us.”

Junior Kinley Rhodes has been on the team for only a year but shows just how much their mentality fuels their successes and their losses. She has been on the team since her sophomore year.

“I like the atmosphere and the people I’m with because it just makes the sport. You learn how to push through mental barriers,” Rhodes said. “A lot of the sport is what you feel and how you feel, if you think negatively about your lift then you’re gonna miss it and if you think positive then you’ll get it. We’ve done a lot better than last year. I think we’re all like a family we’re really close and we push each other. [The coaches] are really encouraging and they help when we’re feeling like we’re gonna miss a lift and they tell us we’re a beast.”

With their last meet on the horizon, they all hope to hit their totals and progress to state. If they can continue their streak it should be one of their most successful years on record.

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