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A Wrinkle In Time Review

Reagan Rodgers


Let me preface this by saying that I have not (nor do I intend to) read A Wrinkle In Time. I did, however, see the movie over spring break. My first impression was, “Huh, that was confusing, but I bet if I had read the book it would’ve made more sense.” This was not the case, as the person I saw the movie with had read the book and was just as lost as I was.

If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, all of what I’m about to say won’t make sense. I should include a spoiler warning, but if you don’t already have at least an understanding of the story I’ll go ahead and say this: Don’t waste your time.

Clearly, I wasn’t a fan. While I adored the girl who played Meg Murray, Storm Reid, I don’t know that she was the best choice. Charles Wallace, Meg’s little brother, played by Deric McCabe, was the only decent part with so many sassy moments that made me chuckle. He, unfortunately, didn’t seem to be on screen as much as Levi Miller, who played Calvin, and made me feel like puking in all honesty. He was by far the worst character, and played an extremely Disney Channel heart-throb type of character (this means horribly acted and meant to be a lot more attractive than he is. He looks like a really typical white 15-year old boy.), giving no depth to his character and many awkward interactions with Meg. Mindy Kaling, Oprah Winfrey, and Reese Witherspoon all did a decent job, but their part wasn’t explained much.

The lack of any depth or explanation seemed to explain the entire film. I still don’t understand why Charles Wallace goes evil suddenly or what the Misses were actually supposed to do. It felt like there was far too much plot to stuff into one film. There was a mean girl character played by Rowan Blanchard whose name escaped me the second I left the theater because her role was that irrelevant. She was supposed to be humanized by showing how she diets and cares too much about her weight, but honestly I was bored by her performance.

Overall, I was left feeling weird, confused, and like I wasted my money. If you loved the book, don’t see it. If you haven’t read the book, don’t bother trying to see it. If you read it and didn’t like it, still don’t go see it. Essentially, the movie just isn’t worth watching.

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