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A Visit with the Governor, Jorge Villanueva has once in a lifetime experience

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hunter Kotronakis

When sophomore Jorge Villanueva voiced his opinion about Trump’s impeachment for the second issue of the Cricket Chirps, he never expected it would later allow him to watch the inner workings of our government at the Republican Executive Committee on December 14.

“I was invited to the governor’s mansion by representative Terry Harper,” Villanueva said. “He was impressed with what I said. I didn’t just get to go to the governor’s mansion, though - I went to the Republican Executive Committee meeting and got to see how our democracy really works.”

Villanueva is a student who caught the attention of Terry Harper when he displayed knowledge over current events in the story we published titled “President Trump’s Problem” by Karen Ranft. He stayed at the committee for over five hours, watching representatives discuss issues that our district is very familiar with.

“It was definitely a learning experience,” Villanueva said. “When you think of representatives, you might think they don’t do anything. I always thought that if there was an abstention, they didn’t care and went with the majority. But in reality - especially with the republicans - they are tirelessly fighting for us and our interest in voting for whatever is best for the people.”

Being a politically-minded individual himself, Villanueva was quite inspired by the passion with which the representatives debated issues that affect everyone, not just fellow republicans.

“Every time there was an abstention, they would take the time to debate it and try to convince one another,” he said. “For example, there was this one resolution that posed the issue of whether or not parents should be responsible for all healthcare for their children, including abortion. Obviously, abortion isn’t healthcare, so they started talking about whether they should remove the word ‘abortion’ or ‘healthcare.’ After debating for a long time, they decided to remove abortion because they didn’t want parents to force abortions on their children if they didn’t want to get one.”

This was just one of the many, many problems the Republican Executive Committee had discussed that day. This experience had a lasting effect on Jorge Villanueva and influenced his view of our government.

“It was all very impressive,” he said. “And they do it all for us. Those people don’t get paid very much money. They want to help us. They do it out of their love for our country and our state.”

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