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A Problem On The Streets

Angel Medrano

News Editor

It’s hard to walk through the streets downtown of a major city without spotting multiple people who appear to be homeless. Often times it’s common for us to just ignore them or not think twice because sadly we’ve become desensitized to this issue.

With the rise of prices in the housing market it has become far more difficult to buy a home since the average price of a house in America is now a whopping $200,000. The minimum wage is only $7.25 depending on where in the United States you live. The Census Bureau reports that the average household income was only $61,372.

In Texas alone at least 25,000 people have been reported as homeless according to the Texas Tribune.

Homeless people often lose dignity as they have no other choice but to set up camp on the side of the road. A certain stigma has been surrounding homelessness that has made the people in question carry a sense of shame that can lead to mental illness and possibly even suicide.

The rate of homelessness only increases as the housing market gets more and more expensive, but adding heavily to the homeless population are members of the LBGT+ community. The Harvard Public Health Review reports that members of it have been adding to the homeless population twice as quickly compared to people that do not belong to it. This is due to the lack of support these individuals face with their friends and family due to difference in beliefs.

The homeless population always goes forgotten and disregarded in the public's eye. It is important that we pay attention and give support to individuals that have fallen on hard times. Donating to local shelters and viewing people in a more humane light are simple ways that common people can contribute to help people who are going through the struggles of homelessness.

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