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Since ringing in the new year, it seems Seguin has hardly seen a day where the temperature dropped below freezing. This hint at a global warning problem is just one reason social media influencer, Jimmy Donaldson, who also goes by the name “Mr. Beast,” has teamed up with TeamTrees to help plant 20 million trees by the end of the year, along with other social media influencers.

TeamTree’s works under one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world called Arbor Day Foundation. The foundation was founded in 1972 and has been advocating for the betterment of the worlds environment ever since.

“With all the wildfires happening in Australia, and our warmer winter temperatures here, I worry about global warming,” sophomore Gabby Garcia said. “I don’t really watch Mr. Beast, but I think what he’s doing is helpful, and we should raise awareness.”

TeamTrees has pledged to plant one tree for every dollar donated. This small request allows people of all economic classes to actively participate in this transformation of the environment, without breaking their budget. The goal of fundraising to plant 20 million trees has officially been met as the year came to an end, however, people have not stopped donating. 21,613,636 trees have been funded at the time of this writing.

Mr. Beast has helped the organization by projecting to his audience of 27 million YouTube subscribers the importance of this project and encouraging them to donate. He made a video in which he asks his fans over Twitter to help him plant as many trees as they could. With the help of his fans he managed to plant thousands of trees. The YouTuber also donated $200,002 of his own money to the project, funding over 200 thousand trees.

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