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A Fresh New Take on High School Musical Disney+ Revives Classic

Britney Lugo

As many know, High School Musical is one of Disney’s most prestigious films. What many weren’t expecting after the last High School Musical back in 2008, was a series in 2019.

High School Musical: The Series is a sitcom that revolves around students attending the original school, where the original was filmed at, East High. The original movie takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, however, the school is actually located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This series is based on a drama class getting prepared to put out their spring musical, High School Musical. This also involves some drama revolving around some of the main characters. Before Nini was with EJ, she was with Ricky for an entire year, but when Ricky is casted as the male lead in the play, that being Troy, Nini’s feelings seem to go all over the place and she is left in a very awkward situation. While there is a love triangle including Nini, Ricky, and EJ, the rest of the cast is trying their best to be able to pull off a new musical with their new drama teacher.

Miss Jenn originally got her job at East High because she said that she was a cast member in the original High School Musical. Her students believe her very much, but when Mr. Mazzarra, the robotics teacher goes through extreme measures to discover everything about Miss Jenn’s past, it all backfires. One of those being that Miss Jenn actually wasn’t a big role in High School Musical, she was actually just an extra.

This show is full of emotions a normal high school teenager might experience. Whether it be heartbreak, excitement, or just stress, this series is full of it. And, if you love this season as much as the thousands of fans who do, you will be even more excited to hear that season two’s musical will be Beauty and The Beast.

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