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A Club for YOU-kelele

by Nikkolette Garcia

Staff Writer

Ukulele club is a new club that has arisen this school year, and is one that is growing as time passes. It consists of a group of students playing their instruments together, enjoying music, and having a good time. Ukulele club is one of the more fun clubs and is distinct among the others. The club stands out because of the uniqueness of the instrument, as well as how many students on campus participate in it.

Ukulele club has made an impact on the students who participate in it through their love for the music. As of now, there are ten students who participate in the club, including juniors Amber Brown and Jordan Heller.

“I have been playing ukulele for about two months,” Heller said. “My favorite song to play is a song called ‘Riptide’ because it’s the only one I know well, but I’m hoping to learn a Twenty One Pilots song soon, or something similar to that.”

Heller has always had an interest in playing music, but never actually played any instrument. Although she had wanted to play music, she hadn’t found an instrument that she really liked until she joined the club.

“I really wanted to play an instrument that didn’t require me to be in the school band,” Heller said. “I was then introduced to the ukulele club, and it seemed to just make sense. I feel like I’ve gotten more friends and have become more artistic.”

Ukulele club has allowed for students to collaborate and bond in a way that wasn’t present before. Finding people with that same interest, because it is not of the norm, brings the club members closer.

“Ukulele club has given me a chance to get to know new people,” Brown said. “We always have tons of fun together learning new songs. One person usually sings, and we all play in harmony together, which creates a really cool environment.”

With the club being new, it is still building and gaining more and more members. The differentiation of the interest has even sparked the interest of many students on campus and inspired them to start playing. The club meets every Monday at 4:15 after school in English teacher Tyler Newlin’s room, A314.

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