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The Cricket Chirps is the student newspaper of Seguin High School in Seguin, TX. It is holds the proud distinction of being the oldest student publication in the state of Texas.

The staff publishes, in print, once a six weeks, and works with the Seguin Gazette in this regard. Online content is updated as it becomes available.

The newspaper is a part of the Matador Journalism Department, which houses the Cricket Chirps and Matador Yearbook.

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Editorial Policy

The Cricket Chirps is published by the newspaper staff of Seguin High School and serves as a medium for communicating with its readers. It exists to inform readers about school, national, and world events, to entertain, and to function as an open forum for student expression.

The Cricket Chirps staff has adopted the following editorial policy:

  • Libelous and obscene material or purposefully disruptive statements will not appear in the Cricket Chirps.

  • The Cricket Chirps will strive to present the news in an objective manner. As much as possible, the writers will research views, policies, or actions that are being reported so those involved may express their opinion in an article. The Cricket Chirps will attempt to be fair, impartial, accurate, and truthful while presenting ideas to its readers. 

  • The Cricket Chirps will make clear distinction between factual and opinionated content. If opinion pieces appear, they will be labeled as such.

  • Advertisements which endorse alcohol, cigarettes, or any other substance that is not legally available to teenagers will not appear in Cricket Chirps. Political endorsements will not appear either.

  • Any reader with a grievance after the Cricket Chirps has been published may request a meeting with the editors and the advisor.

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Harley Bauer

Executive Editor

Karen Ranft

Columns Editor

Hunter Kontronakis

Sports Editor

Reilly Rodgers

News Editor

Angel Medrano

Features Editor

Ailine Meraz

Lifestyles Editor

Izzy Perez

Photo Editor

Julianna Rodriguez 

Creative Director 

Cody Mazzurana

Staff Writers & Reporters

Jada Jackson, Britney Lugo, Georgia Nickel, Justine Nunez, Haley Slussler, Lauren Smith, Raven Trevino 

Graphic Designers

Jordan Clark, Isabel Herrera, Savannah Lopez, Lauren Schultz

Advised by

Lizz Daniels


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This site is maintained by the Cricket Chirps Newspaper staff of Seguin High School.

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